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Tree Removals

Eliminate the stress and guesswork of finding a reliable tree removals expert in your vicinity. We handpick top-rated professionals for quick and efficient tree felling tasks.

  • As safety is our utmost concern, we only recommend services by ISA Certified Arborists who prioritize safety measures while delivering high-quality work.

They masterfully incorporate the six steps of successful tree felling including thorough planning and identifying diseased sections.

  • Our endorsed experts are not only proficient at seamless large-scale tree extractions but also adept at preserving property integrity by cutting trees into minimal sections to avoid damage.

Whether you need emergency service for hazardous trees or winter pruning to bolster your trees’ health, we can connect you with versatile professionals ready to cater to your unique needs.

Find peace of mind with our carefully curated list of best-in-class arborists, always ready for swift action in your neighbourhood.

Positive aspects of Tree Removals near me

Positive aspects of Tree Removals near me

  1. Quick Response to Emergencies: Tree removal services are able to address tree emergencies swiftly, reducing the risk of additional damage to property.
  2. Knowledge of Regulations: Professional arborists understand the local laws and requirements related to tree felling, ensuring that all work complies with these regulations.
  3. Expert Planning and Preparation: These specialists use specific forestry tools in their operations and engage in appropriate planning for successful tree removal.
  4. Emphasis on Safety: Tree service companies prioritize safety during their operations which include climbing trees, trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and complete removals.
  5. Contribution to Aesthetic Appeal: The careful preservation and maintenance of trees by professional tree services can enhance the visual appeal of any residential or commercial property development.
  6. Risk Management: Professional arborists also offer risk management services associated with tree trimming and removal, providing assurance that safety guidelines are followed.

South Africa’s Premier Choice for Expert Tree Removal Services

Choose our company for high-quality tree removal services in South Africa. We offer affordable options for residential, commercial, emergency, and land clearing projects.

Cheap Residential Tree Removal

With a range of affordable tree removal services, homeowners are increasingly finding value in professional assistance.

  • The potential risk that overlooked trees can pose to properties necessitates thoughtful planning and action.
  • Our company provides cheap residential tree removal for such needs, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Hiring qualified professionals from our team ensures the extraction of dangerous trees without damage or complications.

  • A distinct mix of speed, competence, and affordability makes these services ideal for homeowners across South Africa.

Large or small, each tree elimination task is handled with utmost precision providing peace of mind alongside skilled service delivery.

Cheap Commercial Tree Removal

Commercial tree removal needs often arise from construction projects, landscape renovations, or safety concerns.

  • The affordability of our commercial tree removal services makes them highly appealing to businesses across South Africa.

We provide skilled arborists with experience in safely removing large or hazardous trees without causing damage to surrounding infrastructure.

  • Using specialised equipment and tested techniques, our team can execute the job swiftly and efficiently while adhering strictly to industry safety standards.

These cost-effective solutions facilitate uninterrupted business operations, thus contributing positively towards your bottom line.

Cheap Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal doesn’t have to break the bank.

  • Our skilled professionals offer affordable services across South Africa, with prices ranging from R850 to R4500 per tree.

An unexpected situation involving a dangerous or fallen tree can indeed be stressful and overwhelming, but we’re here to handle it efficiently at your convenience.

  • Whether it’s residential or commercial property, our team is always ready for quick response and effective solutions around the clock.

Not only that, but we also provide competitive pricing in addition to excellent service quality – proving once again that safety and good value can coexist seamlessly!

Cheap Land Clearing

Tree Felling experts provide affordable land clearing services across South Africa.

  • They offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including stump removal and clearance work.
  • Their team’s skill and extensive experience make them the country’s premier choice for such demands.

Whether it’s residential, commercial or emergency tree removals you require – even forest clearing tasks – this firm is at your service. D

Don’t blink twice about overgrown urban areas or large-scale rural projects; their cost-effective approach ensures top-tier service that respects your budget.

What makes our arborists stand out

What makes our arborists stand out

  1. They are certified arborists with extensive education, training, and knowledge in tree maintenance.
  2. Their constant update on tree felling methods ensures efficient and safe services for both residential and commercial properties.
  3. Offering expert advice, they provide invaluable guidance when considering tree removal, particularly for dangerous trees such as ash types.
  4. They prioritize safety measures at all stages of the tree removal process, from planning to execution.
  5. Our arborists use advanced tree cutting tools which increases their efficiency while maintaining high service standards.
  6. Their ability to perform a hazardous tree assessment gives them an edge in preserving property safety during stump grinding or large tree removal tasks.
  7. They handle emergency tree services promptly with unmatched precision and care.

Breaking Down Tree Removal: Professional vs. DIY – A Comparison Table

Factors Professional Tree Removal DIY Tree Removal
Safety Professional tree services are well trained to handle the hazards of tree removal like heights, slippery surfaces, falling limbs, and electrical wires. Doing it yourself has a high risk as you might not be fully prepared to handle such hazardous situations.
Expertise Professional tree services have the expertise and experience needed for tree removal. They know the best way to remove a tree depending on its proximity to structures or power lines. Unless you have professional-level knowledge and experience, the DIY option can be tricky. Cutting a large tree requires specific skills.
Cost The average cost of tree removal typically ranges from R2500 to R15000. This includes the cost of an arborist report and stump grinding. While DIY can be the more cost-effective option initially, if things go wrong, you might end up spending more on damage repair.
Time Professional tree services can remove a tree quickly and efficiently, saving you time. Removing a tree yourself can be time-consuming, especially if you lack the proper equipment or expertise.

In-Depth Table: Tree Removal Service Availability in South African Districts

District Availability Remarks
Gauteng Available New afforestation and the reclamation of unproductive plantation land is actively going on in this region.
Western Cape Available The South African government is actively supporting forestry in this district, particularly in the small-farmer sector.
Eastern Cape Available Forestry activities are being adhered to environmental guidelines to minimize the impact.
KwaZulu-Natal Available The South African Ground Based Harvesting Handbook provides valuable information for timber harvesting and tree utilization in this district.
Free State Available Local arborists are known for their expertise and professionalism in tree removal services.
Limpopo Available Tree removal services are expanding in this region.
Mpumalanga Available Forestry sector in this district is experiencing developments such as new afforestation and the reclamation of unproductive plantation land.
North West Available Tree removal services are being made more accessible to cater for increased demands.

Unveiling the Tree Removal Services available in different Areas of South Africa

Discover the wide range of tree removal services available in different areas of South Africa:

  • Cape Town: Tree Felling Cape Town offers top-quality tree felling, removal, and trimming services.
  • Johannesburg: Treeworks provides a range of tree care services, including tree removals, pruning, transplants, stump removals, and more.
  • Pretoria: Get professional tree removal services in Pretoria East and Pretoria North.
  • Durban: Find reliable tree removal services in Durban North.
  • Port Elizabeth: Get expert assistance with tree removal in Port Elizabeth.
  • Bloemfontein: Professional tree removal services are available in Bloemfontein.
  • Polokwane: Discover reputable tree removal services in Polokwane.

Lay down the Tree Removal Cost Guide for South Africa, 2023 edition

Lay down the Tree Removal Cost Guide for South Africa, 2023 edition

In this section, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the costs of tree removal in South Africa for the year 2023.

Organize the price list for small tree removal tasks [South Africa]

For small tree removal tasks in South Africa, we have organized a price list to help you understand the costs involved.

  • On average, the removal of a small tree can range from R1 000 to R3 000.

This includes cutting down the tree and hauling away the debris. The specific cost will depend on factors such as the size and location of the tree, as well as any additional services required, like stump grinding or debris removal.

  • Our team is here to provide you with accurate pricing information and quality service for all your tree removal needs.

Draft a table spotlighting medium tree removal costs [South Africa]

Medium tree removal costs in South Africa can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the tree, its location, and any additional services required.

  • On average, the cost for removing a medium-sized tree ranges from R1 500 to R3 000.
  • However, it’s important to note that these prices are estimates and may differ based on individual circumstances.

To get an accurate quote for your specific needs, it is recommended to reach out to professional tree removal services in your area who can provide you with a detailed cost breakdown tailored to your requirements.

Provide a clear rate chart for large tree extraction tasks [South Africa]

Large tree extraction tasks in South Africa can vary in cost depending on factors such as the height, diameter, and location of the tree.

  • On average, the cost of removing larger trees over 20m can range from R5 500 up to a staggering amount.
  • For specific rates, it is recommended to consult with professional tree removal services as they will provide a clear rate chart based on your specific requirements.

Hiring professionals ensures that the task is carried out safely and efficiently without putting yourself or your property at risk.

Conclusion: Searching for tree removals near me? Rely on our seasoned Tree Feller Pros!

Looking for fast and reliable tree removals near you? Look no further than our experienced team of Tree Feller Pros!

  • We are your go-to experts for all your tree removal needs. Trust us to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Contact us today for a free quote!


1. Why would I need to have a tree removed?

There are several reasons for tree removal, such as if the tree is dead, diseased, causing structural damage to buildings or pipes, or obstructing new construction.

2. How is a tree removed?

Tree removal involves cutting down the tree using specialized equipment like chainsaws and then removing the stump and debris from the area.

3. Is it necessary to hire professionals for tree removal?

Yes, it is recommended to hire professionals for tree removal as they have the expertise, experience, and equipment needed to safely remove trees without causing damage or injury.

4. Are there any regulations or permits required for tree removal?

In some cases, there may be regulations or permits required for tree removal, especially if the trees are protected species or located in conservation areas.

  • It’s best to check with your local authorities before proceeding with any tree removals.