Ecentric_RosGoing Concerns – a monthly electronic newsletter that keeps members in touch with the latest on the business scene as well as Chamber activities and events
Business Contacts Directory – list companies that are members of selected chambers in the nine provinces – an invaluable marketing tool.
Business Opportunities Bulletin (BOB) – monthly bulletin with detailed import and export enquiries, agency/ distributorship, and technology / joint venture opportunities, and matters of general international business interest. Available to members on an annual subscription.
You can read all small business desk articles online from your mobile phone just the same way you can play casino games from mobile-casinos.
E-BOB – an electronic version of the Business Opportunities Bulletin available on the internet (see with a search facility.
Importer’s and Exporter’s Manuals These two regularly-updated volumes cover the complete import and export process, guiding the trader through the complexities of dealing in international markets. The manuals form the basis of the Chamber’s Import and Export Management certificate courses.
Tender Bulletin – weekly bulletin of local, international and municipal tenders available on subscription – print or electronic version.