BEE Verification

ImageITBeing able to provide a certificate showing your BEE rating gives you a competitive edge. The Chamber, in association with Gestalt Growth Strategies (Pty) Ltd, a company involved in BEE transformation for nearly a decade, has formed a verification agency, Veri-Com, which aims to make the BEE verification process as transparent, straightforward and constructive as possible.

Trade Point Johannesburg (TPSA Johannesburg)

Dee1-tnThis international trade facilitation network was established by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – UNCTAD to promote the participation of SMEs in international trade.

Under the guidance and control of the World Trade Point Federation (WTPF), a collaborative network of some 100 Trade Points has been established in more than seventy countries. In South Africa, the Programme is coordinated and supported by SEDA, the dti’s Small Enterprise Development Agency.

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The Chamber has been appointed as host organisation and operator of Trade Point Johannesburg. Trade Point provides a package of services, with a strong emphasis on global e-commerce through the WTPF website.
Export Orientation Courses and Pre-Exhibition Training for SMMEs are offered through Trade Point Johannesburg.

Business – to – Business Marketing

Equestria-tnDirect your company message to specific sections of the Chamber membership – the Chamber database is available on mailing labels or electronic disk. Maximise the impact of your advertisement on the Chamber website or the monthly electronic newsletter, Going Concerns, by positioning it in specific areas. The website is visited by local and international companies looking for contacts/products/services in South Africa.

Xposoft cc

Xposoft cc is a small Business which specialises in custom software and system development.
We are based in Midrand and have been in existance for 3 years.

Cost effective, efficient and precise solutions.
Sometimes it takes and outside objective view to point out the dripping tap.

Some of our services…

Website Development.
System Analysis.
Business software development.
System and software integration.

The goal of the BPF IS:

Protea-Hotel-Midrand-tnTo identify crime prevention initiatives
To form strategic partnerships with JMPD, SAPS, Community Police Forum
To strengthen the business community’s crime prevention ability

The BPF will also keep the Midrand business community up to date on crime trends, provide crime prevention tips and arrange events where business can learn how to safeguard themselves against crime.

Check this page regularly for news and events on the crime situation in Midrand

Global Opportunities

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NDT-LargeIncoming missions Trade missions and visiting business executives from overseas seeking buying or selling opportunities use the Chamber as their point of contact with local businesses. We arrange appointments and also set up presentations on how to do business with various countries.
Outgoing missions
Chamber-led trade missions open doors to new markets for members. The Chamber uses its credibility and international reputation to set up appointments with the senior executives of potential client companies in the countries visited. Participants may qualify for financial support in terms of the Department of Trade & Industry Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme.
Buyers-Sellers Meetings – to facilitate business between incoming missions and local business, the Chamber arranges one-on-one meetings between buyers and sellers.

Upgrade Knowledge and Skills

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Mcarthy_winSeminars / Workshops
Workshops and seminars covering a wide range of subjects help hone your skills and keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in business. The training is affordable and practical, providing information and skills to take back to the workplace.
The Import and Export Management Courses have saved traders millions of Rand by eliminating inefficient procedures. These five-day full-time courses cover all aspects of the import and export cycles, from purchasing and insurance methods, through to the transport chain.


In support of the Chamber’s commitment to the promotion of business ethics and the fight against corruption, the chamber has drawn up the following code of ethics with which it asks its members to comply.

Act ethically at all times, with integrity, taking the reasonable interest of all stakeholders into account.
Ensure that individuals and entities working for it will be accountable for their conduct.
Be conducted in a manner that is fair and in particular does not mislead anyone or misrepresent the products or services offered.
Not knowingly supply a defective or dangerous product or service.
Be conducted with reasonable and skill.
Take reasonable account of the interest of the community in which it operates.


drums2Programme for African Women Exporters

This course for African women with the potential to export is run on behalf of the Centre for International Business Development Services, the International Trade Centre – Geneva, and the Trade Facilitation Office – Canada. The three-pronged approach incorporates training, mentoring, and a website to help women market their products internationally.

Employee Screening

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AutoBavariaAttack fraud and theft in your organization. Do pre-employment checking and screening of current employees. Service provided by Griffiths Reid.
– Criminal record check
– Qualification verification
– Covert employment history
_ Driver’s licence verification

Hassle-Free Payroll

This payroll service for smaller companies provides computerised payslips, IRP5 certificates, leave records, and statutory reports such as O.I.D. and PAYE.